Jessica Sutton

Certificate III in Automotive and Marine Trimming Technology

Jessica’s career change into auto and marine trimming came about through a diminishing passion for her previous role in education, as well as a long-held interest in cars and the automotive industry.

“I wanted a job that was more creative and challenging. I never knew of trimming until my partner told me about it. I met another girl who was doing it, so I started some research into the industry. It wasn’t long until I was handing out resumes,” Jessica said.

Jessica found it difficult securing a job in a male dominated industry, but after landing an apprenticeship she was determined to make the most of her study component.

“I really valued the different perspectives and ideas of teachers and other students. Our teacher had a lot of industry experience, so he was very good at presenting a range of different methods and techniques.”

Since completing her certificate in 2019, Jessica now runs her own auto trimming business, Cranbourne Car Upholstery. Looking back at her certificate, Jessica believes the Skills for Victoria review has an opportunity to strengthen one important aspect of the VET learning experience.

“One valuable part of TAFE is the huge networking experience it provides. I think the Skills for Victoria review has a real opportunity to build on that aspect of TAFE study, and make it even more beneficial than it currently is.”