Warwick Peel

Managing Director, IdeaScale

Warwick Peel is Regional Director of IdeaScale, a company focused on business innovation and the implementation of new technologies. As an employer in the emerging tech space, Warwick sees firsthand how the in-demand skills of our workforce are shifting.

“The rate of technological change in the economy is mind-blowing. Australia’s largest businesses, such as BHP, Wesfarmers and Atlassian are investing heavily in technologies that are reshaping how they do business. With this change comes new skills that will become vital to our workforce,” Warwick said

“Making sure that our post-secondary education and training systems are delivering graduates with these skills is unbelievably important. Without them, we will have to rely on people from overseas, and as a parent I’d rather be employing young Australian graduates.

Warwick is enthusiastic about the enormous tech-related opportunities that are becoming available across all industries, and the capacity of local TAFEs to train students to a world-class level.”

“Technical skills are obviously important, as is an understanding of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, which is growing rapidly. Because things are shifting so quickly, education and training are essential in keeping pace.

“But it’s not just corporate heavyweights that are changing. Your local electrician can now create invoices, update accounts, send quotes and research products all from the work ute. Every sector is being infiltrated by technology.

“There’s also opportunities for education providers to expand their courses, because machines and tech systems don’t operate by themselves. I’d love to see our local TAFEs leading the world in courses like artificial intelligence, which will be very valuable in tomorrow’s world.”